Waltonchain Review

Waltonchain Review

Waltonchain Review

What is Waltonchain?

Waltonchain is a business ecosystem built on blockchain technology, featuring trust and traceability functionality, data sharing and transparency of information. Often described as a supply chain cryptocurrency, this is just one of Waltonchain's use cases. In fact, Waltonchain and its subsidiaries are an Internet of Things (IOT) meets Blockchain company, and connect the physical world to the blockchain through patented RFID technology.


Fast Facts

Website:  www.waltonchain.org
Country: China / South Korea
Code: WTC
Circulating Supply: 40,000,000 WTC
Max Supply: 70,000,000 WTC
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Waltonchain Chart


Child Chains

Child chains are similar to dApps in that they utilise the infrastructure of the Waltonchain network. Child Chains are applications that have their own specialised token, that run on the Waltonchain network; effectively giving Waltonchain limitless scalability. Waltonchain has announced that there are at least 10 child chains to be announced, including Freyrchain and Fashionchain. Waltonchain aims to be the ultimately platform for an ecosystem of decentralized applications.  

1. Freyrchain

Freyrchain is the world’s first cryptocurrency that focuses on provable authenticity of artifacts and collectibles.

2. Fashionchain

Fashionchain is a blockchain based infrastructure for the fashion industry.



Waltonchain has partnered with a profound number of large corporations and government agencies. Notably:

Alibaba Cloud |  China Mobile IoT Alliance | Xiamen Branch of China Telecom Corporation Limited | Zhangzhou Branch of China Telecom Corporation Limited | Fujian IoT Industry Association | "Smart Oceans" blockchain R&D project with Fujian Provincial Government | Air purification and smart monitoring project with Jinhu Provincial Government | Building "Blockchain Silicon Valley" with Taiwan Cloud and Fujian Provincial Government | Freyrchain | Huodull Technology | Ishijah | Loci | Shenzhen Card Cube Smart Technology co., Ltd | NIDS Sensor Technology | Mobius | Kaltendin | Yunnan Yunshanghuaxia Trading co., Ltd. | JU&KE Creative Design | ArtCrypto | Fanfangxiang Culture & Media co., Ltd.| Shenzhen M&A Association of Listed Companies | Septwolves | Fuguiniao | SMEN | Kehua | Lipson Plastic | Xiangyu Group | TANYU | JoeOne | Guangdong Original Clothing Trading Center | Lalabobo | Direct delivery| Fujian Soonbox Logistics Park | KISA and Korean IoT research centre | Korea University engineering department | Sungkyun Technologies | NH Tech | NC Technologies | NanKang City Furniture industry | Taiwan Cloud Association | Fuyao Glass Industry Group co., Ltd | Kediheng | Silictec | Sinolink Securites | Coinlink | Coinnest | SwftCoin | Jiangsu Zhongke Internet of Things Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd. | Fujian C-TOP Electronics co., Ltd. | Foshan Haichen Technology co., Ltd. | Xiamen Aerolite Technology co., Ltd. | Aston


Waltonchain Wallet

Waltonchain have their own desktop wallet.



Waltonchain have an all-star team, with reportedly over 200 employees across all subsidiaries and childchains. 


Mo Bing

  Mo Bing

(Internet of Things)

Mo Bing has a Doctor of Engineering  from the Harbin Institute of Technology and is a research professor at the University of Korea. Bing is an Integrated circuit expert, Internet of Things expert and has applied for more than 18  technology invention patents. 



Wei Songjie

 Wei Songjie


Wei Songjie has a Doctor of Engineering from the University of Delaware and is an expert in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.





Xu FangchengXu Fangcheng

(Initiator of China)

 Xu Fangchengis  a  former Director for Supply Chain Management for Septwolves Group Ltd. and is an expert in Business Management.





Walton SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis


  • Patented RFID Technology writes directly to the blockchain.


  • Lack of marketing to Western retail investors has lowered their profile and allowed VeChain to capture more market share. This is only a minor issue, as Waltonchain is a B2B company and has a different marketing strategy for business and government relations.


  • Poised to disrupt Internet of Things and Supply Chain and become a world-leader in these markets.


  • Clarity surrounding Chinese regulatory stance. 
  • Competition in IOT and Supply Chain is heating up. Whilst Waltonchain has a number of competitive advantages, it cannot get too comfortable. 


Waltonchain Rating

5 Stars.


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